Hero Complex aims to educate the world on how to effectively utilize CBD and cannabis in ones active lifestyle. Founded by a former athlete with a long list of injuries, “plants over pills” became our motto. Our products are innovative, they’re tested, and they’re designed for the every-day active individual. If you want to elevate your lifestyle, we’re here to help.

We focus on the areas of pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety because those are the daily struggles that we deal with. Our life passion is to find the healthiest and most effective way to overcome all of it, and deliver that gift and those messages to all of you. 

spencer beaudreault ceo founder hero complex

Spencer Beaudreault
CEO / Founder

•Former Collegiate and Amateur Athlete•

•Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur of 8+ years•

•Overcame ACL Surgeries, Severe Herniated Discs, Concussions, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia with the help from Cannabis•